The OTP booth at Anime Expo also carries tons of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai doujins.

They are actually based more in the East and will be attending Otakon! Look out for them!

Yoooo <33

I’m the Ankh and wife is Eiji! We’re actually Red String Productions (RSP LLC) and we sell lots of idol merc and stuff for all of your actor needs! <3

while vending at anime expo, we got to have our books signed by urobuchi!!! HE WAS SO NICE AND WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE GAIM AND CALLED US TAKATORA-SAN AND RYOUMA-KUN UNGGHGHG

at any rate, new business as a mini cast shop is fucking fantastic, so come by to see us for all of your stage play, musical, or just general actor needs at booth 951! <33

last minute project this weekend before anime expo

such big thank to wife for helping me paint nails and hot glue so many thing!!!!


An assortment of my Tenipuri photos! Not many of mine came out well though… I need a new digital camera @_@~
Had a wonderful time though!

Yanagi - maybop
Yukimura/Fuji - galiko
Sanada/Mizuki - daphneontherun
Shishido - hyouteipink
Choutarou - cactusnebula
Akutsu/Yagyuu - (I had it written somewhere @_@)
Echizen - ???
Other Echizen - ???

Payback on Echizen at the end. XD!


Very few tenipuri photos I took at acen ww.

U-17 Choutarou - cactusnebula
U-17 Shishido - hyouteipink
Marui/Niou - killerwhalemafia
Yukimura/Fuji - galiko
Sanada/Mizuki - daphneontherun
Yagyuu - ??

another excellent and amazing cosplay day, look at this awesome gaim group

Kureshima Takatora: daphneontherun

Sengoku Ryouma: galiko

Sengoku Kiyosumi (lol we Sengoku’d together): killerwhalemafia

Kazuraba Kouta: kisaragi-gentarou

Kureshima Mitsuzane (the one closest to Takatora): utahoshi-kengo

Kureshima Mitsuzane (far left): kamenriderichigou

I wish I knew the tumblr of the awesome Kaito and the other Micchi (found!!), I’m sorry!!

Excellent cosplay day at Anime Central while vending!! <333

Mizuki: daphneontherun

Fuji: galiko 

Saeki: killerwhalemafia

Yanagi: Ronni (I am dumb and lost your tumblr I am so sorry!!)

slut wig

yudan sezu ni ikou

(tezuka in a box)

We were Tezuka and Atobe today at Anime Detour and after awhile, Atobe put me into a box because I am trash.

We’re still vending tomorrow and will be Sanada and Yukimura!