yudan sezu ni ikou

(tezuka in a box)

We were Tezuka and Atobe today at Anime Detour and after awhile, Atobe put me into a box because I am trash.

We’re still vending tomorrow and will be Sanada and Yukimura!

We were Rakuzan at Anime Detour in Minnesota today! Tomorrow, we’ll be Tezuka and Atobe ala Tenipuri, so come by and see us!!!


Some PoT at Anime Boston!

Galiko (Echizen #1)
Daphneontherun (Atobe)
Testycanadian (Echizen #2)
Eissturm (Marui)
And me :L (Kaidou and Niou) Everyone’s cosplays looked great!


Seigaku did not like it, Rikkaidai did not like it…. Teiko didn’t even like it….. 
Maybe the Iwatobi Swim team would like it.

FUN TIMES AT ANIME MATSURI!! Our bros came to Anime Matsuri to work as well, and we had a party with all the roles that were Atobes or Tsunenori ala Kamen Rider and then Ryoumas hehhh

Dunno who the other Ryouma was (I am on the right in pics at all times whee), but it was nice to meet you!!! 



Saturday photos 2/2

yOOOO wife and I are the Atobe and Ryouma from Tenipuri in the last photo!

screams!! it’s us!!!

live from ahn!con as akashi and mibuchi!!!

live from ahn!con as akashi and mibuchi!!!

we have a confession to make. we have cut and dyed our hair to become sanayuki. it’s us. we have completed the transformation.

me and wife (daphneontherun)

live from youmacon, featuring armin in the background