Cosplay Commissions!

So I have a few more slots open in my commission queue and I’m looking to fill them ASAP for the upcoming con season!

I can sew/craft just about anything and have worked in making wigs/costumes for museums in the past. My experience includes all sorts of costumes from schoolgirl outfits to long robes, lolita dresses, wigs, armor, weaponry, and jewelry! I also have lots of experience working with plus size costumes in all shapes and sizes.

Full examples of all of my more recent work and commissions can be found under my blog’s cosplay tag. I ask that you e-mail me for a personalized quote and do not message me here on tumblr, as I cannot respond to you properly and often, I won’t even get your message! 

All inquiries can be directed to! Please include your typical US sizing (i.e. small, medium, etc) for a more personalized quote if it is something sewn/armor crafted, as well as some reference pictures! 

RUSH ORDERS ARE WELCOME, but subject to an extra fee. I work very fast and very accurately!

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    Guys Guys GUYS Gali is super great!! I’ve bought two outfits from her and they are magnificent!! If you have any cosplay...