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I won’t be around today, sorry guys.

This morning at 5am, a kitten that was acting entirely healthy 2 hours earlier had a seizure and proceeded into agonal breathing… no corneal reflex, etc—that is, basically he was brain dead. I rushed him to the emergency vet and put him down.

I have three other kittens that are suspect—one that is extremely ill right now and it’s touch and go. All are at the vet and being monitored closely. At this point, the only link we have is the Blue Buffalo kitten food I was feeding. This is the first time I have used this food with kittens (previously, I have used Royal Canin) and coupled with the fact I have otherwise previously healthy males presenting with UTIs, it’s our only guess that it’s the food (especially when coupled with my vet’s experiences for the past month, noting Blue Buffalo being fed to animals that took ill and/or died).

So yeah… fucking sucks. Ideas on how to sue this horrible company? Not only have two sweet, previously healthy babies died, but I have one teetering on the edge and two looking questionable. I have lost thousands of dollars. These kittens were already sold, sold MONTHS before they were born, and now I have to tell them that their kittens are dead.

I’ve bred cats for five years now and have only ever had a single kitten die. Two, maybe three in a week, is the worst thing.

  1. mmerdeka said: D: oh my god that’s horrible. ;;;; I’m so sorry. I don’t know much about how your legal system works, but I hope whatever avenue you decide to pursue, you’re successful in getting compensation. Hope you and the rest of your kitties will be okay too..
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    Oh gosh I hope those kitties get better! D: I also hope their expected owners will understand , that is just so tragic.
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    Oh god, I am so, so sorry. I lost a cat to tainted food (we’re 90% sure at least) years ago and it was completely awful....
  4. stalk-tan said: I’m so sorry, that’s just horrible. /hugs
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    I can’t believe this… Why is it that every other year or so something like this happens in the pet food industry - and...
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    Whatever’s going on with Blue Buffalo, it can’t be good; how disgraceful for a company selling food for people’s beloved...
  8. schalakitty said: Carnival Royale is pretty much right. Still document everything that you can and find a civil lawyer to help you before approaching the company. Blue Buffalo has recalled dog food in the past so you’ll probably have a good chance at a settlement.
  9. carnivalroyale said: Sadly, even suing will only get you the cost of the kittens (which luckily you have documented) and the vet costs. Document everything, get the food you still have analyzed, and contact the company. They’ll most likely try to settle out of court though.
  10. versailles-fairytale said: Oh no…
  11. touchreceptors said: oh no D: /hugs. I can’t help b/c unfamiliar with US legal procedures, but best wishes and STAY STRONG <3
  12. animehead said: I’m so sorry, bby. I’ll be looking into the process of suing these bastards. Stay strong. <3
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