New Hero trivia from /a/



>Kotetsu’s armor is remarkably resistant against impact and heat

>The “ears” on Barnaby’s suit are sensors

>The 10-months timeskip is described as the time when Barnaby lead “a full and enriching life, both in private and in public”

>(about how that “Bunny-chan” utterance worked) The one word that remained at the bottom of his heart got rid of the false memories.

>Blue Rose’s guns help her to make long-range attacks

>(BR) A high-school girl with an ambitious personality, she wishes to become a singer in the future. Harbors a faint crush on Kotetsu.

>Antonio’s Hero career is about as long as Kotetsu’s

>John is a retriever

>Lunatic uses his bowgun by setting the arrow on fire and then shooting the faraway target

>Yuri tends to walk at home with his shirt open, like we saw in ep16

>H-01 has the unlimited use of Hundred Power

>H-01’s Beam Blade can cut a staircase made of steel in two with a single stroke

>Kaede’s powers awakened when she was 10 years old

>A lot of Blue Rose’s dominatrix image is there because of the Titan Industry CEO’s tastes

>Read: He loves it. Oh, Kotetsu how wrong you were.

I wonder how deep that blade went into Barnaby’s leg and what damage it made, his armour is very light and weak in protection compared to Wild Tiger’s. His fighting style requires it.

“…enriching life, both in private and in public” …Doooo tell (=゜‿゜)

Re: Barnaby’s leg injury

… Something I’ve been mulling around for awhile. I mean, jesus. That had to hurt like a bitch (and he’s a BAMF for continuing after the fact… and probably only making it worse). Of course, there’s the possibility he used hundred power to fix it up a bit… buuut as displayed from Kotetsu’s own previous attempts, that only seems to fix minor things, not deep internal structure injuries.

More leg massages needed.

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    *helpless giggles* But! But! Ratchet can run! No drunken lemur for him. Hmm. Though the property damage. The wire tangle...
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    this gif encapsulates all of kitteh’s feels right now: … also, brain wonders if that make Ratchet some weird version of...
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    I also read it as “Yuri tends to walk home with his shirt open like we saw in ep16.” And all I could think of was Yuri...
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    THAT IS A TOTALLY FINE INTERPRETATION Yuri is allowed to go anywhere shirtless. especially my bed.
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    (I read it the same way. O_O)