Magi Fiction Masterlist

All of our Magi fanfiction to date, NOT including all commissions (which are rarely posted on alternate sites, unless serialized or otherwise connected to other stories). Some stories are not posted on both sites, thus there are not double links for FFNet and AO3 for all things. Enjoy!

A Melting, Fading World


Fondu Au Noir (COMPLETE) - 230,768 words

Title Translation: Fade to Black

Post chapter 110 extrapolation (and then some). After Judal’s arrival in Sindria, war seems inevitable, and Sinbad’s options to manage and deal with Al-Sarmen’s Magi seem few and far between. Al-Sarmen, however, seems as weary of Judal’s mercurial nature as Sindria… SinJu, SinJa, AlaJu, SphinTitus, EnJa, EnJu, and a smidgen of AlaJuKougyoku!


La Vie Est Ailleurs (SideStory) - 883 words

Title Translation: Life is Elsewhere

Fondu Au Noir side story. What Sphintus was doing over the past five years during FaN is something that never really got discussed (mostly courtesy of how he simply didn’t want to talk about what was happening in his country). This is a brief extrapolation of that.

Disparu Au Rouge (In Progress)

Title Translation: Disappear to Red

Sequel to Fondu Au Noir (literally, nothing will make sense here if you don’t read that first!)—relatively AU to the current manga serialization due to certain events. Two years after the war against the Kou Empire, a sense of relative normalcy is in place—save for the unease brought about by Judal’s slowly changing rukh, and the eyes that never seem to stop watching him. Aladdin tries to fix everything as per usual, and from there, things spiral out of control…

A Snake in the Garden of Eden


M’offre Une Pomme (COMPLETE) - 93,196 words

Title Translation: Offer Me An Apple

AU, in which Ja’far and Sinbad never met when they were younger, Ja’far never left Al-Sarmen, and Sinbad never became king as consequence.

Ja’far, age 22, has been under the employ of Al-Sarmen for as long as he can remember. He’s earned the title of Assassin over the years, and is explicitly charged with being the guardian of the young, mischievous Oracle of Kou, a task that he could happily do without. When Judal sends Sinbad, the renowned captain of the ship Sindria and ‘dungeon pirate’, a summons, all of Ja’far’s carefully laid plans and logistics within the Kou Empire—as well as his nearly spotless record—quickly unravel. Masja, Enja, Sinju, eventual Sinja (as well as others).

Juste Une Bouchée (SideStory) - 1,200 words

Title Translation: Just A Bite

Set a year and a half after the end of M’Offre Une Pomme. Kouen pays a diplomatic visit to the newly forged kingdom of Sindria, and he and Ja’far enjoy one another’s company once again.

Revêts-Moi Dans Les Feuilles (In Progress)

Title Translation: Clothe Me in Leaves

Set two years after M’Offre Une Pomme. Sindria is a fledgling nation, with an enthusiastic king and a seemingly bright future. The problem lies in Ja’far’s own misgivings and inability to trust himself, especially with Al-Sarmen looming in the background, and when Ren Kouen washes onto their shores nearly half-dead, Ja’far can only think that he has every reason to worry. Sinja/Jasin, Enja, Enju, implied Sinju.

Other Serialized Longfics


Aux Grands Maux, Les Grands Remèdes (COMPLETE) - 25,073 words

Title Translation: Idiomatically, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Directly, “to the great evils, great remedies.”

Commissioned fic. Unbeknownst to Sinbad, Ja’far has hidden a terminal illness for years now. When he collapses one day, it becomes painfully clear exactly how little time they have left with one another, and Sinbad, in his desperate efforts to find a healer, enlists Judal’s help. The Magi strikes a deal with him, and Ja’far is less than pleased. Sinja, implied Sinju.

L’une Vers L’autre (COMPLETE) - 51,364 words

Title Translation: Depending on reading, “towards each other” or “the one to the other” or “the two together.”

Pre-canon, chronicling Sinbad and Ja’far’s adventures prior and after meeting Judal over the span of a few years-including the rise, fall, and rise again of Sindria, and Judal’s descent into madness. SinJa and SinJu.


Qui Sème Le Vent, Récolte La Tempête (COMPLETE) - 143,188 words

Title Translation: So you sow, so shall you reap.

"So you sow, so shall you reap." Ren Kouha’s first campaign as a general of the Kou Empire is supposed to be a successful one—until the Empress Gyokuen throws her own hand in. It is an uphill battle in an attempt to usurp her, and doubts within one’s own family never bode well. Heavy focus within the Kou Empire, post chapter 167 extrapolation. Hamei, Enei, Sinja, Sinju, Alaju, JuHaku, etc.

Fleur Inconnue  (In Progress)

Title Translation: Unknown Flower

It’s been two years since Sinbad and Ja’far met. Two years, and Sinbad still is shocked when in a battle, a sword slices through the binding-apparent on his partner’s chest, revealing a rather sizable, uh, rack. Assassins are really good at keeping secrets, or so it seems. AU, female!Ja’far. Sinja, Sinju (female Judal as well).

Scandaleux (In Progress)

Title Translation: Scandalous

Sindria Studios has blossomed into one hell of a pornography studio over the years—the problem is, they need someone special. Kou Studios, of course, has the perfect star, young and fresh no matter what he does, and Sinbad would give an arm and a leg to get his hands on Judal, just for one film—or barring that, get his cute secretary in his bed with the camera rolling… Modern AU for laughs and kicks, unestablished Sinja for once! Sinju, Jukou, Hamei, etc.

Une Rencontre Fortuite (In Progress)

Title Translation: A Chance Encounter

Another longfic commission. The focus here is Enja, in which Ja’far goes to the Kou Empire on a diplomatic visit, all to better relations (and generally nitpick, as he tends to do). He finds Ren Kouen to be surprisingly good company, and from there, things take off… Mostly Enja, only hints of Sinja.

Other Longer Oneshots


Apres La Bataille (COMPLETE) - 6,071 words

Title Translation: After the Battle

Sinbad no Bouken time-setting. After conquering Baal, Dragul Nor Henrius (…) of the Partevian house Dragul is exhausted, annoyed, and stressed over his own failure. How a commoner bested him is beyond his comprehension, especially when his faith in his own country is less than satisfactory. Arguments, however, quickly turn to other things, because if nothing else, they’ll at least walk away with a bit more experience, right? Sinbad/Drakon. 

L’Or du Roi (COMPLETE) - 9,441 words

Title Translation: The Gold King

Ten years before the manga begins, Sinbad comes to terms with what Ja’far is to him—and receives a lesson in ruling (among other things) from the King of Balbadd. Rashid/Sinbad, implied Sinja.

La Fleur de la Jeunesse (COMPLETE) - 9,415 words

Title Translation: Flower of Youth

When Sinbad and Ja’far pick up a confused, powerful young boy, neither of them know how it will change their lives—and how soon. Non-Al-Sarmen Judal AU. Sinju, implied Sinja.

Le Souris Chasse Le Serpent (COMPLETE) - 10,047 words

Title Translation: The Mouse Hunts the Snake

Titus shows up at Sphintus’s door, a present in his hand and an apology on his lips. From then on, things get interesting. Sphintus/Titus.

Gali’s Drabbles by Pairing



—- (+mob/Ja’far, general trigger warnings abound)




Obedience -















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Captured -















—- (+Elizabeth) (+Elizabeth)











Corinna’s Drabbles by Pairing



—- (+ general trigger warnings, sequel to Farewell)