Pixiv ID: 397687691Member: 亘理


Pixiv ID: 397687691
Member: 亘理


Favorite Anime Opening and Ending Theme Songs (2/??)
Aozora STAGE(The Prince of Tennis Another Story II)
Don't remove credits or else YIPS


have you ever shipped something so much you just want to hit yourself in the face with a brick


trying to teach your friend how to ride a bike


cor-glacies asked: "Emerald Pair"

I’m a little ehhh on it because I ship both Inui and Kaidou with others more, but I certainly don’t mind it if it’s done correctly! Another B-/C+ for me!

tatsuyahimur0 asked: "sweet pair (jirou/marui)"

this is another ship that, like kikuro, seems pretty one-sided to me and therefore it’s not really my cuppa…… /o/

so, it’s a D for me!

eissturm asked: "Kenya x Yuushi"

buries face in hands 

…….yeah i ADMIT IT YES OK


i’m so mad, yuushi just needs to read him romance novels over the phone ww

xsadistxfujix asked: "Akutsu/Dan"

they’re not really my cup of tea but you’d be insane to think that dan isn’t boning him into next week

B-/C+ that kind of thing

Anonymous asked: "Golden pair"

solid fucking A+ i fucking love them and i want them to have a pet cat

daphneontherun replied to your post: kanashimibeast asked:I know I alr…

oh my god kunimitsu please add that i do not always eat ice cream in this quantity it was just that kind of day


i got you the chocolate therapy kind for a reason, there is no judgement here