Toudou and Maki again…
I really wanted to draw Makishima with a braid and it just escalated from there.
I’m stuck in bicycle hell.
Please don’t save me.


Toudou and Maki again…

I really wanted to draw Makishima with a braid and it just escalated from there.

I’m stuck in bicycle hell.

Please don’t save me.


詐欺師 | はらいた@ついった [pixiv] 


詐欺師 | はらいた@ついった [pixiv] 


sneak peek at Re:RIDE :^)


sneak peek at Re:RIDE :^)

"And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you."

I Wrote This For You  (via heroicstar)

Kazuraba-Kouta’s End of Gaim Tokusatsu Songfic Challenge~!!!




Welcome friends to my 2nd Tumblr Giveaway Challenege! The first one was Kisaragi-Gentarou’s Golden Week Tokusatsu Giveaway Challenge! I’ve changed Tumblr names since then, and many things about this challenge are different than the last one so be sure to read all the way through~!

The premise is similar, but this time entries must be fanfiction and feature a song that emphasizes the content of the fanfiction and embodies the pairing the story is about.

Be sure to think carefully about your song choice! Song lyrics may be a bulk text before or after the story or littered among it in any way you wish. You must use as least one verse or 4 lines from the song, it does not have to be the entire song. Your song may be in any language so long as you provide an English translation in your footnotes. You are encouraged to provide a link to your song in your footnotes. You may use more than one song, but try not to be garish. Lastly, you may not use a canon song from the show itself. So no character vocals or opening theme songs please. We’re trying to expand our song palates for our favorite Toku~! 

Write a fanfiction for one of the following Tokusatsu OTPs I have listed. I am offering no other guidelines or restrictions other than fanfiction must be over 1000 words and in the English language. Smut is NOT required. All entries must be written for the contest and not be pre-existing works. The entire point of this challenge is to increase the fandom output and have more wonderful Toku slash for everyone to enjoy!

How To Enter

1) Create a fanwork of your choice and post it online for the fandom! Please be sure to mention it was written for ”Kazuraba-Kouta’s End of Gaim Tokusatsu Songfic Challenge” wherever and everywhere you choose to post it. It must list this in notes of the fanwork to be a qualifying entry but you can choose to post it wherever you like! Tumblr, deviantart,, AO3 or all of the above! You must post your entries to Tumblr and AO3 so I can reblog your entries easily for everyone to read! If you need in invitation to AO3 send me a private message~!

2) Send me an ask with the link to your Tumblr post so I can reblog it~!

3) Reblog this post and tell all your friends~!

4) Be my friend and Follow Me~! All of us Toku fans should be sticking together anyway~!

Please keep in mind you may make as many contest entries as you want! Posting the same new fanwork multiple places still only counts as 1 contest entry! Steps 3 and 4 only need to be completed once ever and will qualify all subsequent contest entries as you repeat steps 1 and 2~!

EXTENDED!!! The deadline is NOW September 18th, 11:59 PST 2014~! This coincides with my trip to Japan where I will be purchasing prizes during a Tokusatsu only doujin event for the winners! The event is Sept 21st so winners will have about 72 hours once initially contacted to provide me with their prize preferences or their prizes won’t be as cool~! Please feel free to send me an Ask with any questions you may have regarding the contest rules~!!! 


Don’t lie, I know that’s why y’all are here still~! XP

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a Fandom Prize Package and other Gaim themed prizes unless you dislike Gaim and then we can talk about it~! XD

~S.H. Figurart~ Choose from Gaim, Baron, Zangetsu or Ryuugen~

~Lockseed~ 1 non DX Lockseed of your choice but subject to availability

TWO HONORABLE WINNERS will receive a Fandom Prize Package~!

What the hell is a fandom prize package? I’m so glad you asked! I wanted to cater the prizes to the winners after their hard work of writing and drawing such amazing stuff! I will notify winners and ask them a few questions in order to build them a unique prize package~! Winners may ask for any character or pairing, not only the ones in the contest. Winners may also choose between receiving 3~4 doujinshi or a photobook~!

1)   Favorite character – 1 to 3 characters you would like cute swag of. Feel free to rate your preferences~!

2)   Favorite OTPs – Please try to give me 3 pairings you would like doujinshi or character swag of~!

Please note doujinshi really only exists for the last 5 years or so of Tokusatsu, so if you have your heart set on Showa swag I’m happy to find stuff but expect keychains and figures and not doujinshi~! Winners are welcome to request a type of prize they would like, but no promises! It is based on what I can find while in Japan~! The more current it is, the more cute swag there will be~! <3

Example Winner’s Prize Package – Based on a Gaim prize package if your favorite character is Kouta and your OTP is Kaito/Kouta~! These are all types of prizes you could win and ask for, though please understand it will vary from what is pictured depending upon current availability~!

Check Out Last Contest Winner’s Prizes~!

At the end of the End of Gaim Tokusatsu Songfic Challenge I will post the Winners with links to their winning fanfiction and pictures of their fandom prize packages~! Please note that winners will need to be willing to provide a shipping address so I can mail them their winnings~! I will ship internationally~!

The OTP list to work from~! Order of names is purposeful but switching is always accepted~!
























Ryouma/Takatora - Up in the Air

Takatora and Ryouma snippets, from start to finish. For Abi’s contest, ala songfic challenge (30 Seconds to Mars - Up in the Air).



Toudou: Maki-chan is in self denial!!

shay--sama asked: "It's awesome you guys have this blog dedicated to PoT art! So many nice drawings! Do you think one of you could draw my otp, AtobexTezuka? (Maybe genderbent, if it's not to much to ask?) Thank you! ((also if you do genderbent I really like Atobe with long wavy hair and erm big boobs~ >x>)"


Atobe’s wavy hair looks better in blond.

Does girls also say “Oresama” ? Watashi sama ? I don’t know…

At first I wanted to draw Atobe touching Tezuka’s boobs… well… I lost my sketch… next time maybe.

ok we get on plane and go soon to japan

buh byyye


Makishima: Of course Jinpachi was the first, he says it 10 times everyday.

Toudou: When Maki-chan first said it to me I was so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!